FLO-RITE is exceptionally in quality and service. Things that made them stand out: They texted a picture of Javier so I would know who was coming and when he would arrive. Javier was easy going as well as professional. He inspected the space where a new furnace and AC would be set up. He sat down and explained all the options available. He explained about rebates by CPS and explained what would be done if I chose to go with them. I really appreciated the fact that he did not try the typical car salesman’s approach. The installers came on the date that I would be home. It didn’t take long for the installation to be done. They were careful to lay down a clothe so when they pulled the furnace it would cause too much of a mess. There was a few minor issues and I can tell you that the front desk was responsive to my questions. You can always tell the caliber of a person or a company on how they handle an issue. Marissa is amazing. She called and spoke with me going above and beyond the “normal” customer service. Juan came out to make sure everything looked great and I was happy with everything. He was friendly and he was a wealth of information. He had already filled out the CPS rebate form with their information so all I had to do was fill out my basic information. He was funny and easy going. I chose FLO-RITE because they have a great rating across the board with several different websites. The main reason is because this business is owned by a veteran, and it sounds like he has several veterans working for him. I am sitting in the comfort of my air conditioned home as the heat outside rises. Thanks to everyone at FLO-RITE for all that you have done, it is very much appreciated.

Theresa D.